I stepped in dog shit one day. Hey, it happens to us all occasionally. I decided it was time for the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority to combat this issue. I painted three posters and installed them in the West Village, the East Village and Washington Heights. The posters were wheat pasted onto the plywood walls surrounding various construction sites so I could easily screw in a simple dispenser with bio-degradable bags for cleaning up dog poo. The plan was to keep replacing them, but after a few weeks of people ripping off the entire roll, I decided to stop and just hoped that the massive posters got a few people thinking. For a short while, a lot of people were discussing this issue again, yet still, you cannot walk a half a block in New York City without seeing a turd on the sidewalk. Sigh.

Directed and edited by Clara Subirats.
Featuring: Specter, The Signtologist, Public Ad Campaign and Jay Shells.

Via PIX 11 News. Warning: they used "Who let the dog's out" as the song for their little masterpiece. 

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