Do What You Want City is an ongoing series of wood burns (pyrography), inspired entirely by the streets of New York City, that are meticulously rendered by hand, dot by dot. They are portraits of charged objects—old mailboxes, smashed police cruisers and the collaged graffiti, stickers and scrawls that cover almost every surface in every major city. Many of its inspiring elements are probably buried under fresher layers of graffiti and the constant forced collaboration. But here, in this series, they are preserved permanently. The works have been exhibited in the 2013 Fountain Art Fair, New York; "Art on the Edge" at Vered Gallery East Hampton, New York; and "The Great American Summer Show" at Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany. Currently, multiple collaborations are in the works, which will introduce color and the hand of many other artists to the series. You can read/see a little more about the process on